An irono-clastic globo-phobic depravaganza!

Free Will—The Orphan Temp is a socialist satire of the American economy and the Great Recession.

The story follows a group of orphans, led by Will, the “mature” know-it-all, whose orphanage was privatized during the Bush years under the No Orphan Left Behind Act. The orphanage is sold to the evil Klepto Incorporated, run by the cruel Mr. Parasite, who forces the orphans to work an endless series of horrible temp jobs. Our orphan pals have worked in country club piano tuning, airport security, and shredding documents for the George W. Bush Presidential Library. It’s about how the global economy looks from the corner of Projects and Prospects.

The comic updates Mondays and Fridays, in solidarity with your shitty work week.

To contact the producer of the strip, the Irony Loves Company, email freewillcomic at